Cultural Understanding and English Language Learning

Designed To Help International, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Successfully Integrate Into Campus Life

The ENGG course sequence are designed to help international, culturally and linguistically diverse students successfully integrate into campus life while also fine-tuning their language skills. These on-campus classes are for enrolled students and students at the final level of their English studies.

These courses provide regular DU undergraduate credit that counts toward graduation. As part of the Common Curriculum at DU, most students must complete a foreign language requirement. Students must complete 4, 8, or 12 language credits to fulfill the requirement based on their assessment scores.

Similarly, non-native English-speaking international students directly admitted to the University will take the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) during orientation, placing them in a Common Curriculum language requirement.

This language requirement will help improve English language skills while also teaching what it means to be part of a US American institution of higher learning. Students identified through the ELPA as needing no further English language training will be required to enroll in a 4-credit class focusing on U.S. culture. Students identified as needing additional training in writing or speaking will be required to take eight credits: a 4-credit course in the skill where further assistance is needed, and the culture course mentioned earlier.

Students identified as needing both writing and speaking will be required to take 12 credits: the writing, speaking, and culture courses. Students conditionally admitted to the University will take all three courses as their final level in the English Language Center.