Study Abroad Exchange Program Information

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January 16

10:00am - 11:00am

Anderson Academic Commons, Room 340, Loft Classroom

Learn more about the undergraduate exchange programs offered through the Office of International Education! Programs are available in Australia,  France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. A few highlights of what an exchange program offers:

  • Full academic year abroad at an international institution.
    • Some semester-based programs are available as well
  • Programs that offer the opportunity to enroll in regular host university courses alongside degree-seeking local students.
  • Classes are often taught in English and/or the host language, requiring high language proficiency.
  • An independent experience.
  • Work directly with your host university's international office, with no US program provider support.
  • Typically offer a wide variety of courses.

What you can expect from an Exchange program:

  • Experience the day-to-day life of a local student.
  • Learn and navigate a new university system during a full academic year.
  • Develop a higher level of autonomy that helps develop confidence and self-advocacy skills.
  • The need for a high level of self-advocacy.