Based on your particular circumstance, we recommend deciding who can provide you with the most immediate and appropriate support.

  • Call the local equivalent of 911. 911 is not the universal emergency number, so you should know the number for police, fire, and ambulance; or save it on your cell phone.
    • If you are a victim of sexual misconduct, please call International SOS or your Program/University first, as laws pertaining to sexual assault differ widely across countries.
  • Call your local program/university contact. Find out who your emergency contact is before you need them, as emergencies often happen after office hours or on weekends. Save their number into your cell phone.
  • Call International SOS for assistance at +1.215.942.8478. You can also download their app on your smart phone. DU's membership number is 11BSGC000067.
  • Call DU Campus Safety for 24-hour assistance at +1.303.871.3000. The officer on duty can direct your call to DU's resources: the Office of International Education, the Health & Counseling Center, etc.

To learn more about DU's Parental and Family Notification policy, click here.