How to Apply

Application Process

Students interested in participating in an OIE education abroad program must submit an online application through DU Passport by the appropriate deadline (see below). To assist students with the process, we have detailed application instructions.  

Please note: If you are interested in an interterm program, deadlines and instructions listed on this page do not apply to you. Please contact the faculty leader of your program or University Academic Prorams for more information. 

All students are required to complete the DU study abroad application first. If accepted, student will then receive instructions on applying to their specific program, with the program directly.

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Applying to study abroad is a student-driven process supported by OIE staff. We expect you to take responsibility for the application process by understanding your responsibilities, asking questions along the way and adhering to important deadlines.

Application Timeline

The DU Abroad Application opens in September for the following academic year. Students with questions about our application timeline or deadlines should contact the Office of International Education. 

Application Deadlines 

  • December 1, 2023: Early deadline for all DUPP Fall 2024, Winter 2025 and/or Spring 2025 programs 
  • December 1, 2023: Deadline for all unaffiliated Winter and/or Spring 2024 programs 
  • February 1, 2024: Standard deadline for all DUPP Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Winter 2025 and/or Spring 2025 programs 
  • June 1, 2024: Deadline for all unaffiliated Fall 2024 programs 
  • December 1, 2024: Deadline for all unaffiliated Winter and/or Spring 2025 programs 

Applications must be submitted online no later than 11:59PM MT. After this time, the online system will close and students will be unable to submit materials online. 

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications will not be reviewed until all application materials have been submitted (including passport copies and required meetings, if applicable). 

The Office of International Education does not review applications on a rolling basis. This means that all applications submitted between December 2 and February 1 are reviewed at the same time after the February 1 deadline has passed. 

Limited Chance of Acceptance Programs 

Students applying for a program with a limited chance of acceptance should apply for the December 1 early application deadline to ensure their best chance of acceptance into their first-choice program. If you are unsure of your programs program chance of acceptance, please consult with the appropriate OIE advisor. Information on the limited chance of acceptance is indicated in the program brochure.  

Late Applications 

On occasion application extensions are granted when enrollment in a particular program has not been filled. Late applications are not guaranteed to be accepted. If you wish to apply for a program after the deadline, you should contact the Office of International Education at for more information. 

Eligibility Requirements

To study abroad, you must be in good academic standing and meet all program-specific eligibility requirements as described in the program brochure. You must also be cleared for study abroad by DU’s Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Application Instructions

All students apply to study abroad through our online system called DU Passport by submitting the DU Abroad Application. The DU Abroad Application is the same process for all OIE Programs and you can start the application from any program brochure. We recommend starting the application as soon as possible even if you have not yet selected what program to apply to. You will do this at the end of the general application.

  1. Attend a mandatory First Step Session to learn more about the study abroad process. 
  2. Click the "Apply Now" button available on any OIE program brochure page in DU Passport during the application period. 
    • You are taken to a general application and not a program specific application to the ”Apply Now” button can be selected on any brochure. 
  3. Complete the list of requirements. 
    • To complete each requirement of the application, click "Done" and the next item will automatically open. Once you click Done you are not able to go back and edit your answer. Contact if you need assistance editing a submitted item. 
    • Once you have completed at least one item, a progress circle will appear near the top of the page, tracking your progress towards completion. 
  4. The last item you complete is called “DU Abroad: Program Choice & Statement” and this is where you select the program and term you want to apply to. You will also be asked to answer the question “Why is this program a good fit for you?”. Your answer should be 100 to 300 words in length and clearly articulate your reasons for choosing a particular program, and the projected benefits for your course of study. Please consider your academic, professional, and personal goals, program structure, support level, course options, and other factors in your response. 
    • You are only able to apply for one program. In the event a student is not accepted to their first-choice program, OIE staff will work with that student to explore their alternate program choices. 
  5. Some programs have additional requirements than the items listed in the application. Ensure you check the program brochure for your program under Information sheet and Eligibility Requirements. This could be requirements such as uploading a valid passport copy or having a mandatory meeting with the program advisor. 
    • These additional requirements should be completed before the application deadline. 
  6. After all application requirements are complete, and your progress circle has been fully closed, a "Submit" button will appear at the top of the page. You must click the "Submit" button to finalize the submission of your whole application.  

Review our FAQs if you have questions before contacting our office

Study Abroad FAQs
  • What's Next?

    Your conditional acceptance into the program will be communicated to you via email 4 weeks after the application deadline. Your application status will be updated to “accepted” in DU Passport. This designation means that you have been conditionally accepted by the Office of International Education and nominated to study abroad at your host institution. You will have three weeks to decide whether or not you will commit to your study abroad program. If you withdraw your participation after committing to your program, you will be held responsible for a withdrawal fee. Review our withdrawal policy on the Cancellation & Refund Policy page

    All programs require that you submit a second application directly to the study abroad program provider or host institution once you have been conditionally accepted by the OIE. You will be provided instructions for completing this application via your checklist in DU Passport and you will be prompted by your OIE advisor. 

    Final acceptance to study abroad is not guaranteed until you have been accepted by your host institution. 

  • Keep in Mind
    • Students may not be able to study abroad while on probation through Student Rights and Responsibilities 
    • Applications cannot be deferred to another DU academic year. Students must withdraw and reapply to a later academic year. 
    • Many programs require the submission of a valid passport copy or receipt of a newly purchased passport with the DU Abroad Application. If you do not have a valid passport, you should apply for one as soon as possible, even if you are in the early planning stages for study abroad. Learn more about how to apply for a passport
      • Even if your program does not require a passport with the application it’s a good idea to apply for your passport as early as possible and wait times are long. 
    • Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. The Office of International Education will not guarantee requests to study abroad with friends 
    • Even if DU’s Office of International Education approves a student's application, this does not guarantee that they will be accepted by the host institution or program 
  • Troubleshooting Tips
    1. Shut down your computer and restarting  
    2. Clear your browser 
    3. Enable pop-ups 
    4. Try a new browser 
    5. Try a different device 
    6. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to wifi 
    7. Email a screenshot to