Student Voices

Learning from your peers and their experiences is one of the best ways to understand what it is like to study abroad. From our DU Abroad Blog where you can read about students' experiences abroad to our OIE student advisors who work in our office to support you to our DU Abroad Ambassadors who attend events to share experiences, there are many ways you can get in touch with your peers! Explore the pages below to learn more and get in touch!

DU Abroad Blog

Here you’ll find the stories and pictures of University of Denver students who have or are currently studying abroad.

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OIE Student Advisors

The OIE team of Student Advising staff consists of our Graduate Study Abroad Assistants and Undergraduate Study Abroad Peer Advisors and serves as a key link in supporting DU students to achieve their study abroad goals.

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DU Abroad Ambassadors

Our DU Abroad Ambassadors are key players within the Office of International Education in supporting outgoing study abroad students by volunteering at various events.

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