Cancellation & Refund Policy

Study Abroad Withdrawal & Deferral

Sometimes a term abroad doesn't work out. Read the information below carefully to understand study abroad withdrawal, deferral and refund policies.

Withdrawing from Study Abroad

  • Withdrawing from DU does not withdraw you from your study abroad program. There are additional steps you need to take.
  • Normal DU refund policies and schedules do not apply to study abroad terms. They are superseded by the DU Study Abroad Policies regarding withdrawal.
  • These policies also apply to students who are kicked out or forcibly withdrawn due to student conduct probation or other reasons.


Think you may need to withdraw? Reach out to your OIE advisor as soon as possible to discuss possible consequences.


Withdrawal Deadlines

Study Abroad Withdrawal Deadlines
Term Abroad DU Partner Programs Unaffiliated Programs

Fall Start Programs:

Southern Hemisphere:


Northern Hemisphere:


Program Start Date

Winter Start Programs:

OCTOBER 15 Program Start Date

Spring Start Programs:

FEBRUARY 1 Program Start Date

Summer Start Programs:


Program Start Date

No matter when you withdraw you'll be responsible for any non-refundable airfare (incl. change fees) and visa fees. You'll lose CGS eligibility, so that includes paying back any CGS benefits that DU has already paid out on your behalf.


If you withdraw before the deadline...

  • You may not be eligible for a placement on another DU Partner Program for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Book an appointment with an OIE advisor to discuss alternative options available to you (e.g., if you want to withdraw from the program you've been accepted to, but still want to study abroad).


If you withdraw after the deadline...

  • Carefully review the full DU Study Abroad Policies regarding withdrawal.
  • Contact your OIE advisor before making a final withdrawal decision.
  • There may be academic consequences.
    • You may not be able to register at DU.
    • You may not earn credit from abroad.
  • There may be high financial costs.
    • You'll be charged a withdrawal fee of whichever is greater: $1,000 or any non-recoverable program costs. Fees vary significantly across programs.
    • Withdrawal fees tend to increase as you get closer to the program start date and after the program has begun. They can include full tuition and fees for the term.
    • If you withdraw after your program has started, you may also need to repay financial aid.


Things to Consider Before Withdrawing:

  • How would this affect your academic progress and graduation plan? Have you spoken with your faculty/major advisor(s)?
  • What are the potential financial consequences? Have you discussed them with your finance provider (e.g., your parents)? Have you spoken with a financial aid advisor?
  • How might this affect your career planning? Have you spoken to a career advisor?
  • If you decide to stay at DU for the term(s) you were accepted to study abroad instead of going abroad, have you planned appropriately (e.g. housingregistration, etc.)?

Deferring Your Study Abroad Term

In some cases, it may be possible to defer your study abroad program to a later term within the same academic year. Talk to your OIE advisor if you're interested in this option.

How to Withdraw/Defer

Talk to your OIE advisor and follow the directions outlined in the Study Abroad Handbook available to all conditionally approved students in Canvas.

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