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The best way to understand another culture is to experience it, to connect with it for a prolonged period. This also encourages a deeper understanding of our own cultures as we interact with and learn from others. At the University of Denver, we strive to develop cross-cultural connections—and the new perspectives that come with them—by encouraging students to study and live abroad for at least one quarter. We want our graduates to appreciate and understand the differences and interdependencies that characterize our world.

How Study Abroad Works at DU

The University of Denver partners with over 100 universities/programs in over 50 countries to give our students access to a wide array of options. The universities/programs that DU partners with are called DU Partner Programs (DUPP). Our Partner Programs are separate universities or organizations with which DU has a formal affiliation. Most DU students participate in a DU Partner Program during the fall quarter of their junior year, however, students are encouraged to study abroad when it is academically beneficial for them.

To foster an internationalized campus culture, DU has developed a unique initiative that affords specific financial benefits to qualifying undergraduate students on DU Partner Programs in order to encourage international academic studies. Cherrington Global Scholars (CGS) receive benefits that help offset additional costs associated with studying abroad. Students who want to study abroad but don't qualify for CGS are still eligible for some DU Partner Programs or unaffiliated programs.

Students can find coursework for every major within our DUPP portfolio, allowing for a rich academic experience while staying on track to graduate. Students on DUPPs earn resident credit. Credits automatically come back as general electives so long as the credit corresponds to an existing academic department on campus. If students want to fulfill specific major, minor, or other degree requirements, they simply need a course approval from the relevant DU department. We encourage students to submit course approval requests early—well before their departure date. See Earning Credit for details about how study abroad credits work with your overall degree.

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