DU Abroad Ambassadors

The DU Abroad Ambassador is a key player within the Office of International Education in supporting outgoing study abroad students at various events throughout the Spring, Fall and Winter Quarters. This is a volunteer role with opportunities to build community with other study abroad returnees and share your experiences with interested DU students.

Meet our DU Abroad Ambassadors!

Katherine Heinle


Major: International Studies 

Minor: History & Business Ethics and Legal Studies 

Study Abroad Program: Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy 

Talk to me about: Studying abroad in Italy, international relations, travel tips, language barriers, camping in Colorado, and many more random tidbits of info 

Dream Destination: South Africa

Liz Webb

Email: liz.webb@du.edu  

Major: Political Science & International Studies 

Minor: Marketing 

Study Abroad Program: Unaffiliated Study Abroad: Temple University, Tokyo, Japan 

Talk to me about: Language barriers; Mental Health Abroad  

Dream Destination: Singapore! 

Maddie Adams

Email: maddie.adams@du.edu  

Major: Languages, Literature and Cultures & International Studies 

Minor: Economics 

Study Abroad Program: ISA: Prague, Czech Republic: History, Culture & Politics 

Talk to me about: studying a less common foreign language while abroad, traveling to various countries throughout Central & Western Europe    

Dream Destination: Any location I have yet to visit from the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Aleimi Garcia-Briones

Email: Aleimi.Garcia-Briones@du.edu 

Major: Psychology and Criminology 

Minor: Italian 

Study Abroad Program: USAC: Torino - International Business, Art & Architecture, and Italian Studies, Torino, Italy.  

Talk to me about:  Studying abroad in Italy, financial aid opportunities, travel tips, planning ahead, experience abroad as a Latina 

Dream Destination: Difficult to choose! I just want to continue seeing the world and its perspectives. 

Emily Hernandez

Email: emily.hernandez@du.edu 

Major: Finance  

Minor: Business Ethics and Legal Studies 

Study Abroad Program: Bangor University, Bangor, Wales, UK  

Talk to Me About: studying abroad, nerves & other emotions around studying abroad, traveling, and food! 

Dream Destination: Germany & Italy

Grecia Castel

Email: Grecia.castel@du.edu  

Major: International Studies and French   

Minor: Chinese  

Study Abroad Program: MSID: International Development in Senegal  

Talk to me about: Preparing to go abroad, how to organize your life while abroad, language learning and overcoming cultural barriers 

Dream Destination: Antarctica 

Katherine Bennett

Major: Finance 

Minor: Business Ethics and Legal Studies 

Study Abroad Program: Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy 

Talk to me about: studying abroad in Italy, traveling throughout Italy and Europe, navigating health care and support systems abroad in foreign languages. 

Namugga Nakayiza

Email: namugga.nakayiza@du.edu 

Major: International Studies & Sociology 

Study Abroad Program: MSID Thailand & University of Otago 

Talk to me about: Traveling as a Black woman, learning new languages, and cheap ways to enjoy a trip 

Dream destination: Currently… the outback with the kangaroos 

Naomy Napolitan

Email: Naomy.Napolitan@du.edu 

Major: Sociology  

Minor: Business Administration & Business Ethics and Legal Studies  

Study Abroad Program: University of Western Australia Perth 

Talk to me about: Languages, Culture, USG, Travel or Preparations 

Dream Destination: Botswana 

Nick Trainor

Email: Nick.Trainor@du.edu 

Major: Finance 

Study Abroad Program: University of Western Australia 

Talk to me about: Student organizations, cultural experiences, budgeting, day to day life abroad, and how to immerse yourself in the culture of a new country.  

Dream Destination: South Africa, Thailand, Laos 

Sophie Geis

Email: sophie.geis@du.edu 

Major: Marketing 

Minor: Business Ethics and Legal Studies 

Study Abroad Program: ISA: Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore: Business, Communications & Italian Culture, Milan, Italy  

Talk to me About: Solo travel, planning ahead, packing tips, homesickness, and adjusting to cultural differences!  

Dream Destination: Sydney, Australia 

Will Highfill

Email: will.highfill@du.edu  

Major: International Studies and Chinese  

Minor: Art History and Economics   

Study Abroad Program: CET Academic Programs: Taiwan 

Talk to me about: Language barriers, backpacking abroad, international clubs, LGBT travel 

Dream Destination: Antarctica 

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Interested in becoming a DU Abroad Ambassador?

Our next application cycle will open up in Winter Quarter 2025, so keep an eye out for an email with the application. For more information on the program please contact erica.jorgenson@du.edu.

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