Life at the University of Denver

Life in Denver, Colorado is always exciting. Between the social setting of a large city, being near one of America's most beautiful national parks, and the wonderful academic opportunities available at DU, you'll never forget your experiences here.

The University of Denver offers everything you'll need to thrive in this beautiful city including on-and-off campus housing, food and meal plans, and student healthcare options.

Everything You'll Need to Thrive in Denver


Wondering where you'll live once you're here in Denver? Head over to our housing page to discover your options.

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You're coming to Denver to study, so we understand why you're eager to learn what academic life at the University of Denver will be like.

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If you aren't otherwise covered, DU requires that you enroll in our student health care plan.

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I'm a sophomore studying Chemistry, with minors in Business administration, Entrepreneurship, and Mathematics. My experience at DU, so far, has been wonderful. With every challenge, I have found people around to help me navigate. The faculty and staffs at DU are amazing.

Roman Shrestha, Student Learn More: DU Academics

Life a Mile High

Founded as a mining town in 1858, Denver has grown to be the most populous city in the state with 600,000 residents. Whether you want to spend your weekends hiking in the mountains, going to movies, or discovering Denver's nightlife, the opportunities are endless for both outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites alike.

Get to Know Denver

  • Weather

    In Denver, you'll get to experience all of America's seasons from sunny summers to snow-white winters. Temperatures are generally a bit warmer year-round inside the city, but the surrounding mountains can be a cool escape throughout the year. Don't forget your snow boots and winter coat for Fall sessions!

  • Outdoor Fun

    The University of Denver is one of the best schools in the nation for outdoor enthusiasts. Between the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder's Flat Irons, and numerous snow-sport options, there's always a way to get outside when you live in Denver.

  • Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

    Denver is a wonderful place no matter what type of entertainment you enjoy from movie theaters, to music venues, to museums, and much more, there's always something fun to do inside the city.

  • Sports

    Denver is home to a whole host of professional sports teams and stadiums including the Bronco's football team, nuggets basketball team, Avalanches hockey team, and Rockies baseball team. And, of course, you'll have access to all of our talented Division 1 collegiate sports teams.

    You can catch sporting events at one of the cities impressive stadiums like Coors Field, Denver Coliseum, Empower Field, or the Ball Arena, in addition to DU collegiate facilities.

    Looking to play? Get involved with intramural sports or recreation!

Campus Safety

We want to ensure that all or students feel safe while attending the University of Denver. Between the Denver police department and DU campus security, there are resources available to you in case of an emergency.

In case of an emergency, please call 911 and then Campus security at 303-871-3000. If dialing from a campus phone, security is 1-3000.

Click to Call: 911

Click to Call: Campus Security

Campus Safety

Driving in Colorado

In most cases, international students can drive for 90 days with a foreign license. Beyond that, you'll need to acquire a driver's license. You can find more information about acquiring a colorado driver's license, here, at the department of motor vehicles page.

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Make Friends and Get Involved at the University of Denver

Student Groups

Friendships, fun, and support are a crucial part of your academic experience at DU. One of the best ways to find each of these is through student groups. We have a wide range of groups available for academics, hobbies, and career development. Make friends, meet like-minded individuals, and get involved with the DU community by joining a student group!

What student-run groups are available?

Global Friends Program

The goal of the Global Friends program is to match international students with domestic students to help promote friendships across cultures within the University of Denver. If you're nervous about making friends at DU, don't be! The Global Friends Program is a great way build relationships and get involved with the Denver community.

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