Driving in Colorado

Driving isn't a necessity as a student at the University of Denver. Denver is a very walkable city, and public transportation is often easier than driving. But, of course, international students are welcome to pursue a driver's license. If you have a license in your home country, it is usually good in the US for a certain grace period.

We'll provide the information you need to get a driver's license and drive in Colorado on this page.

  • Driver's License

    The best way to understand the requirements to drive in Colorado is to head over to the Department of Motor Vehicles international driving page. There, you'll find all the documents you'll need to bring. Before your test, you should read through the Colorado Driver's Education website to ensure that you are familiar with the laws, rules and safe driving practices in Colorado.

  • DMV locations

    Wondering where you can submit your documents and take driving tests? See the Colorado DMV's map for the most up-to-date location information. Note: as COVID-19 restrictions fluctuate, you may need to schedule tests beforehand.

  • Owning a vehicle

    The DMV website provides information on registering a vehicle in Colorado, obtaining license plates for your car, emissions testing, and office locations.

  • Driver Rules & Responsibilities

    Wearing seat belts is mandatory for the driver and any front seat passengers. All children sixteen years old or younger are required to be properly fastened with a seat belt or a child restraint system appropriate for their age and weight. It is highly recommended that every occupant of a vehicle wear a seat belt at all times since it is one of the most effective ways to lessen or prevent injuries in the event of an accident.

    The Colorado Department of Transportation provides guidelines to ensure that all vehicle occupants especially children are properly secured in their seats.

    Colorado law prohibits drivers from sending or reading text messages while driving. Drivers under eighteen years of age are prohibited from texting or talking on a cell phone.

    Many drivers have not experienced driving in slippery conditions or extreme cold until they moved to Colorado. The Winter Driving Tips guide produced by the American Automobile Association (AAA) gives useful tips to be prepared for driving in cold and slippery conditions.