Permanent Residency for International Employees

Foreign nationals may apply for U.S. permanent residency ("green card") based on employment in the United States or sponsorship from a family member in the country. Tenure-track faculty employed at the University may choose to apply for permanent residency in order to secure long-term employment.

H-1B status carries a dual-intent provision that permits visa holders to declare immigrant intent by applying for permanent residency despite the short-term (6 years) employment limit of the H-1B visa. J-1 status carries a non-immigrant intent, which conflicts with the immigrant intent declared by applying for permanent residency.

A scholar's ability to apply for permanent residency will depend on a number of factors, including his or her current immigration status, restrictions applicable from previous immigration statuses, and meeting certain eligibility requirements. International scholars who are interested in applying for permanent residency based on employment at the University should contact ISSS.