Sponsored Students

The University of Denver is privileged to work with over 125 sponsored students who are studying in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

A sponsored student is any student who has a scholarship from their home university, home embassy, a company, or a U.S. government agency. The Sponsored Program at the University of Denver works with both international and domestic sponsored students.

Sponsored Student Fee: $150

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Important Forms

  • Student Release of Records

    Sponsored students are asked to complete this release so that we may communicate your academic progress to your sponsor. DU will not release student records without the consent of the student.

    Locate Release of Student Records under the Student tab (click on "Expand Self Service Menu", then "Student," then "Student Records," then "Add Student Record Release").

    Enter the following information:
    Records to release: current enrollment, transcripts, progress report
    Recipients: the name of your sponsor
    Purpose of release: to maintain scholarship
    Effective date: today’s date
    End date: a day in the future.

  • Financial Responsibility Agreement

    DU requires all students, both international and domestic, to complete this agreement. This agreement is different from the financial guarantee letter provided by your sponsor. While DU understands that you are a sponsored student it is the enrolled student who is ultimately responsible for agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Financial Responsibility Agreement. Click here to learn more about the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

  • Health Insurance Waiver

    All students registered for on-campus coursework at DU for one or more hours of graded credit are required to carry health insurance coverage. Therefore, all students are required to participate in the DU SHIP, unless they can provide proof of adequate, alternate health insurance. The waiver is only available after a student registers for the minimum graded credit hours (6 for quarter students, 8 for law students) and may only be processed by the student online. The waiver is only available after a student registers for classes and may only be processed online.

    Sign in to PioneerWeb, then locate the Student tab, then click on Registration tools, and finally Accept/Waive Health Insurance and Fee.

  • Enrollment Letters

    Students can request an enrollment letter through their PioneerWeb account. After logging in click on the MyWeb tab. Then, click on "Student and Financial Aid", followed by "Student Records", followed by "Request Enrollment Verification". Follow the step by step instructions to have a PDF verification sent directly to your email. You will need to forward the document on to the requesting party.

    The verification of enrollment is official and does not require a signature or seal from the University. It contains the dates of the term, student status, and anticipated graduation date, and it is specific to each student.

  • Transcripts

    Official transcripts are ordered by the Sponsored Program at the end of each quarter/semester and are processed by the Office of the Registrar when final grades are posted. Once received, the transcripts are reviewed by the Sponsored Program and organized per sponsoring agency. The shipment of these documents is dependent on when grades are submitted and when the official transcripts are issued. Information on when grades are due and posted:

    A student requiring an official transcript for their personal records may submit their order by visiting the Office of the Registrar either in person or online.

More Information

Services for sponsored students

  • Provide a special orientation session for new sponsored students.
  • Assist in obtaining a waiver of DU medical insurance if the sponsor’s insurance meets DU’s minimum requirements.
  • Manage financial guarantee letters for the Third Party Billing process with DU’s Bursar’s Office.
  • Help sponsored students communicate with their academic departments and sponsoring agencies.
  • Reminders about expiring financial guarantee letters and expiring I-20/DS-2019s.
  • Coordinates the ordering and shipping of official transcripts at the end of each quarter/semester.
  • Support for sponsored students to help ensure academic success.

Services for sponsors

  • Provide information to sponsor on DU’s academic programs, projection of costs and pre-arrival information.
  • Facilitate sponsored student’s placement and admission between the sponsor, academic department, Office of International Admissions, and Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Provide special orientation sessions to meet the needs of sponsored students.
  • Serve as a liaison between DU, sponsored students, academic advisors, international student advisors, and sponsoring agencies.
  • Facilitate receipt of financial guarantee letter for third-party billing process with DU’s Bursar’s Office.
  • Provide official transcripts to the sponsor at the end of each quarter/semester.
  • Arrange special campus meetings for sponsors to meet with students.
  • Support for students to help ensure academic success.