Global Friends Program

Welcome to the Global Friends Program! The purpose of this program is to promote friendship across cultures within the University of Denver community by matching international students with a domestic University of Denver student.

  • For the DU Domestic Students:
    • Contact your match within the first week of being matched.
    • Maintain contact with international student. Keep an open mind about your partner's culture, language ability, and time.
    • Show interest in your partner, ask questions, and choose good conversation starters.
  • For the International Student:
    • Respond to email and phone messages from your match in a timely manner.
    • Only share information about yourself and your culture that you are comfortable sharing.
  • For all participants:
    • This is not a dating service.
    • This is not a tutoring service.
    • Please respect each other's personal and religious beliefs. There should be no intent to proselytize or to convert anyone.
    • Please remember to keep an open mind about your program match and understand that there will be cultural differences. This is a great opportunity to have an open cultural exchange.