Internationalization Courses

The Office of Internationalization offers the opportunity for undergraduate students who study abroad to earn credits that support development and engagement in study abroad through DU. These highly interactive, hands-on courses encourage students to reflect deeply on questions of identity, culture, cultural bias, power, adaptation, and sustainability.

Instructors challenge students to go beyond experiencing study abroad as academic tourism by providing space for critical engagement with complex issues global equity starting with understanding of self and positionally in the world. Together with peers, students deepen their intercultural understanding and capabilities.

Courses through Internationalization

The three course sequence of INTZ 2501, 2502 and 2503 allow students to earn up to 5 credits connected to study abroad starting before they leave and ending with reintegration on campus.

All undergraduate students studying abroad through OIE on a term-length (quarter or longer) programs are required to take INTZ 2501. Students should plan to enroll in the course in the academic year prior to when they plan to study abroad.

INTZ 2502 is an online course taken while abroad. The intent of the course is to help give students the tools and knowledge needed to be able to benefit from and critically engage in their experience abroad. While all study abroad students are strongly encouraged to enroll, this course is only required for students participating on an unaffiliated programs.

Once returning to campus, students can take INTZ 2503 which is helps students understanding their experience and foster meaningful connections with future goals or purposes around intercultural learning and public good.

INTZ is absolutely an absolutely critical facet of DU's efforts to prepare students for the rigors of the study abroad experience. I have no doubt that solely due to this class, my study abroad experience will be exponentially more rewarding and valuable. I should also say that many, if not all, of the concepts examined in this class transcend study abroad.

Austin Ritzel, Student, 2019
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