International Partnerships

The Office of Internationalization builds on meaningful collaboration with our international partners to drive positive impact for the public good. Our partnerships with other universities around the globe open a wide range of opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate, including through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)-based courses. Students from both partnership programs are given the tools and the space to engage in purposeful interaction.

Many of our strategic partners benefit from having their institutional communities collaborate with ours on vital research and academic initiatives. In addition, both communities often participate in transformative experiences that facilitate innovation and learning.

Collaborating with DU as an international partner allows your institution to:

  • Build your university profile and reputation in a new region.
  • Foster collaboration between researchers and scholars.
  • Acquire opportunities for new enterprise initiatives and projects.
  • Contribute to the integration and advancement of the public good.

We invite you to engage with us through any number of our programs so that together we can unite communities and take on the challenges of the 21st century.