Go Abroad

DU is here to help you get the most out of your global education experience.

Whether you’re interested in studying or conducting research abroad, your international involvement will provide valuable opportunities for you to engage in a diverse environment and develop skills you will carry for the rest of your life.

Maybe this is your first time abroad. Perhaps you’re already a seasoned traveler. Regardless of your international experience, our office is ready to provide support and answer any questions about your education abroad.

  • 1,500

    1,500 members of the DU community travel overseas though either a study abroad program or a faculty-led trip.

  • 70

    Over 70 percent of DU students study abroad as undergraduates.

  • 150

    150 different programs to choose from in 50 different countries.

  • 2nd

    DU ranks 2nd nationally among doctoral/research institutions for the percentage of students who participate in study abroad experiences.

Explore Endless Opportunities Abroad

The world is an open book if you’re willing to turn the pages. Education abroad opportunities can lead to some of the most transformative and fulfilling experiences. Ask anyone who has studied or researched abroad, and they’ll share stories about unique challenges, intercultural understanding, and a time in their life unlike any other.

Go abroad and bring your area of study with you. Acquire credits towards your major and minor while gaining valuable experiences that impact your personal, academic, and career aspirations. The Office of International Education (OIE) partners with a range of study abroad programs to advance your academic objectives while broadening your global network.

Options for Graduate Students Abroad

Graduate students may choose to participate in a variety of DU and non-DU study abroad programs. Each department has its own policies regarding the transfer of study abroad credit, so the first step in your exploration of international opportunities should be to speak with your academic advisor regarding your program's policies and the number/type of study abroad credits you may earn towards your degree.

What's Available

World-class education with a worldwide experience.

A Global Masters Scholars program is an articulated agreement between a DU academic department, a strategic or priority partner institution, and the DU Office of Internationalization where the curriculum is mapped to ensure student success.


Fulbright Grants

Grants for individually designed study/research projects and English Teaching Assistant programs.


I was really impressed with the American Junior Year (AJY) in Heidelberg program. AJY gave its students tons of opportunities for both academic and cultural immersion in Germany. The outstanding aspect of AJY was its treatment of our independence: my group was small, so we were able to get to know each other well within the program — but we were never coddled or separated from 'real' Germany.

Laura, Student, Heidelberg Germany American Junior Year program participant Study Abroad